We are a community of people, acting at their best to develop and sustain a healthy Free Software, Open Source and Digital Civil Society and an open business environment in Romania, while keeping tight connections with the international community.


  • ROSI must be a neutral organization – politically independent, shielded from corporate and commercial influences.
  • Only individuals – no any other entities – can be members of the group.
  • Engagement in this initiative has to be free and voluntary.
  • Dignity, courtesy, respect and good will are expected from all members.
  • Any member has the right to propose a new project and assume its coordination.
  • Members have the right to decide whether or not to join a certain project.
  • A project launched inside the group can continue under ROSI’s umbrella or become an independent project based solely on the decision of the one(s) who initiated the project.
  • Every contributor to a project will get official merits and recognition.

Short history

In early 2006, Lucian Savluc started the first steps in organizing a FLOSS conference in Romania, a conference designed to promote Open Source and Free Software ideals and to highlight the benefits provided by these technologies at all levels – business, academics and governmental.
Discussions between Lucian and Zak Greant about boosting the FLOSS grassroots movement in Romania started few months earlier. Based on Zak’s experience and advice, the idea of a conference materialized soon.
While Lucian began inviting people to join the initiative, Zak started to contact open source and free software advocates and high profiles IT members around the world to speak at the conference.

This was the birth of ROSI group and the future eLiberatica conference series.

The group didn’t have any official representation; therefore, it had been decided that only with the support of a recognized organization with strong logistic power there will be real chances to succeed. After lots of searching and debates one of the early ROSI members – the well-known Romanian IT advocate Mircea Sarbu, proposed to be considered an alliance with Agora Media. This proved to be the best option based on the historical proof and positive involvement that Agora Media had with Open Source in the local high-tech culture.
In June 2006 Lucian met Mircea Sarbu and Agora’s CEO Romulus Maier, and all three agreed to work together to organize the first edition of eLiberatica, 2007. This decision was approved by the majority of ROSI members and in the spring of 2007, together with Agora and other open minded Romanian and international enthusiasts, the first eLiberatica edition became reality.

For a detailed story of the birth of this initiative you can check the news posted on eLiberatica/2007.

2006 - 2017

Current State

After the first edition of eLiberatica the group initiated discussions about enrolling a non-profit organization. Unfortunately divergent opinions regarding the scope of the organization proved that the group didn’t reach maturity to act independent and unbiased.

Therefore in the spring of 2008 the initiator of the group froze ROSI project and decided to focus exclusively on eLiberatica.

Lucian didn’t cease to hope that would come a day when ROSI will reborn and emerge in a powerful and independent organization which will support and encourage the adoption of Open Source and Free Software in Romania.

To read more about his vision and ROSI check the keynote presented at the first edition of eLiberatica – “About ROSI and eLiberatica – past, present and future

Lucian can be contacted at lucian.savluc@eliberatica.ro

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