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ROSI – Romanian Open Source and Free Software Initiative, was formed by a community of people, acting at their best to develop and sustain a healthy Free Software, Open Source and Digital Civil Society and an open business environment in Romania, while keeping tight connections with the international community.

The meaning of FLOSS - (Free/Libre/Open-Source Software).


The Goals of ROSI

  • To organize a FLOSS conference in Romania that in time would grow to an international level. The conference would put together high profile IT and FLOSS community members and Romanian public to share, learn and exchange ideas and information;
  • To promote Open Source and Free Software solutions in Romania at all levels (business, governmental and academically);
  • To act as a link between the Romanian FLOSS communities and support them to emerge into what is planned to be a strong grass roots FLOSS movement in Romania;
  • To promote Romanian Open Source and Free Software representatives (companies, communities, organizations and individuals) worldwide and to be the bridge between the international and Romanian FLOSS communities.

There were a few simple rules established by the group initiator that have to govern ROSI

  • ROSI should stay out of politics, corporate and commercial interests;
  • Only individuals (not companies or other entities) can be members of the group;
  • Engagement in this initiative have to be free and voluntary;
  • The members of the group should behave with dignity and to treat each other with courtesy and respect;
  • Any ROSI member has the right to propose a certain project and assume its coordination;
  • A project launched inside ROSI group can continue under ROSI’s umbrella or become an independent project based solely on the decision of the one(s) who initiated the project;
  • Any of the members has the right to decide whether or not to help on a certain project;
  • Every contributor to a project will get official merits and recognition.

Short history

In early 2006, Lucian Savluc, started to organize a FLOSS event in Romania, a conference which meant to promote the Open Source / Free Software ideals and the benefits of the community that all levels (business, academic, governmental, local administration) can obtain by implementing these practices.
Discussions, between Lucian and Zak Greant about creating a grassroots movement based on FLOSS ideals in Romania started few months earlier. Based on Zak's experience and advice, the idea of a conference soon materialized.
While Lucian began inviting people to join the initiative, Zak started contacting FLOSS advocates around the world to speak at the conference.

This was the birth of ROSI group and the future eLiberatica conference.

Because the group didn't have any official representation, it had been decided that only with the support of a legal represented organization, with enough financial and organizational power, there would be real chances to organize the conference. After much searching and debate, one of the early ROSI members, the well known Romanian IT advocate Mircea Sarbu, proposed Agora Media, a Romanian IT media company which, proved to be open and strongly involved in the FLOSS local culture.

In June 2006, Lucian met Mircea Sarbu and Romulus Maier, Agora’s CEO - and all three agreed to work together to organize eLiberatica 2007. This decision was approved by the majority of ROSI members and in the spring of 2007, together with Agora and other open minded Romanian and international enthusiasts, the first eLiberatica edition became reality and gained huge popularity and success.

For a detailed story of the birth of this initiative you can check the news posted on eLiberatica/2007.

Projects initiated by ROSI

  • eLiberatica, coordinated by Lucian Savluc, which until 2009 was setup in partnership with Agora Media and benefited from the extraordinary support of Zak Greant, and help from eLiberatica Community members as well as other external community support..
    eLiberatica became year by year more powerful and much better organized. If at the first edition attracted around 200 attendees, the third edition in 2009 over passed the barrier of 400 attendees and over 40 speakers from all over the world that came to present in front of Romanian audience. The event starts to be noticed by international forums and Romanian government. More about eLiberatica, you can find at
  • Romanian FLOSS Directory intended to be part of the future portal - coordinated by Lucian Savluc with development help from Roberto Gerola and feedback from ROSI members.
    Lucian envisioned it like a virtual room where anyone can find anything as long as it has something to do with FLOSS phenomenon in Romania. Companies, organizations, communities and individuals from Romania connected by the Open Source and/or Free Software movement will be invited to post their information. This information would be presented in both English and Romanian, therefore made available to local but also international guests, providing everyone with the opportunity to search and find contacts and build relations.
    The project was stopped because lack of resources.

Actual state

After first edition of eLiberatica, discussions about enrolling ROSI like a non-profit organization were started. Unfortunately, divergent opinions in between ROSI members regarding the scope of the organization determined Lucian to decide the newly created group didn’t reached the maturity to start a real powerful official organization that would be independent and honest.

Therefore, in the spring of 2008, Lucian freezed ROSI project and decided to focus exclusively on eLiberatica.
He didn’t cease to hope that would come a day when ROSI will reborn and emerge in a real powerful organizations that will support and encourage the adoption of Open Source and Free Software in Romania.

To read more about what Lucian envisioned about ROSI, read "About ROSI and eLiberatica – past, present and future" speech at first edition of eLibericam, in 2007

Anyone who wishes to find out more information can contact Lucian Savluc by e-mail at: (Please activate JavaScript to see the email address).

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